How To Fix Musty Smells In The Crawl Space

Jan 12, 2023Home Maintenance

Musty Crawl Space? A Guide to Stank Rehab

It never fails. After a heavy Bay Area rainstorm, your basement smells like old man socks. You’ve got a musty smell in your crawl space. What can you do about it?

Just because your basement or crawl space smells like Neil Young’s Birkenstocks after a night of heavy jamming, don’t take it personally. It happens to the best of us. 

You likely have a mold and mildew issue from water seeping through the walls. It could also be a dead animal. Or perhaps live animals turned your basement or crawl space into an Outside Lands porta-potty.

Either way, you’ve got problems.

The good news is, you don’t need to just accept it! Get rid of that musty smell in the crawl space with a concerted renovation program that’s bio-safe and eco-friendly

Here’s how to get started with ridding that musty smell in the crawl space without the use of poisonous chemicals.

Musty Smells in Crawl Space: The Source of “Old Man’s Feet”

Musty smells always have their source. The trick to preventing the foul odor is to identify that source and clean it up. Here are a few reasons your crawl space or cellar smells like old guy feet:

  • Mold & Moisture
  • Dead or live animals
  • Rodent droppings
  • Sewage
  • Soil

A general rule is if it smells bad, that source is likely disgusting. You can plug your nose, put on your Hazmat suit, and tell your therapist all about it later. 

Or you can call the professionals like Home Stewards – we’ll take care of the problem using eco-safe cleaning products and sustainable science. That way, you can get back to jamming to Neil Young in your man cave without a dirty sock care in the world.

The Stack Effect of That Musty Smell in the Crawl Space

Besides smelling bad every time you come down for a bottle of wine or to secretly raid your kids’ supply of Klondike Bars, that musty smell is actually hard on your family’s health, especially if anyone suffers from breathing problems like asthma or allergies. Because of an interesting scientific phenomenon known as the “Stack Effect,” that horrible smell of Neil Young’s feet becomes 40% of the air you breathe in your living room. 

Yes, that stank is actually bad for your family’s lungs.

Just as warm air naturally moves upward through a chimney, all that foul-smelling air will move upward throughout your home. You’re essentially breathing it in your living room, bedroom – even your man cave. When it comes to foul odors, nothing is sacred anymore.


What We Can Do to Prevent and Eliminate Basement Odors

The best way to get rid of musty smells in basements or crawl spaces is to keep the area clean and dry. This can be done through cleaning with eco-friendly cleaning solutions and dehumidifying the space.

First, we’ll remove debris, rake and sweep the crawl space foundation so it’s perfectly clean and level. If necessary, we’ll remove or rehab any damaged insulation and make it good as new.

We’ll clean up any drains and fix any leaks.

If you have structural wood that’s rotted, moldy or infected by termites, we’ll replace it and rehab any critical structural supports.

We’ll seal any vents, openings or holes to prevent mold spores or mildew. We’ll also install a vapor barrier on walls and floor spaces in your crawl space or basement. Our team of proven professionals will dehumidify the space to dry it out and eliminate mold spores.

We’re experts at identifying deferred maintenance issues and always address them with eco-friendly solutions. Unfortunately, by the time we start renovating neglected areas of a living space, the damage has often already been done. The rehabilitation process can be a bit expensive, but reclaiming your home is worth it. Your family’s health and creating a comfy, cozy and dry living space are our top priorities. 

The Value of Subscription-Based Home Stewardship

Once we’ve reclaimed your living space and renovated your crawl space or basement, the job is not complete. It’s a good idea to invest in an ongoing maintenance plan to keep any mold spores or mildew from returning.

That’s why we highly recommend you subscribe to our home stewardship program. We handle every last detail. You no longer have to think about it. Our trusted contractors will continue on the follow-through and ensure your basement or crawl space is safe to breathe. We’ll keep mold and mildew at bay so your home is comfortable, cozy, and healthy.

Live life happy and healthy. We believe your family has the right to an eco-safe space that’s great. Call us today to eliminate the musty smell from your crawl space or basement.


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